Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby C - 9 months!

Today C had his 9 month appointment! I was very curious to see how much weight he'd put on and if he'd jumped percentiles again. My sister R, the PT, said he's as big as some of her much older kiddos. I was carrying him on Sunday in the baby bjorn at Mass and DH said he looked like C should be walking on his own when he looked at me coming back from communion, haha. :)


Height: 30 inches - 85-90th percentile
Weight: 23.4 pounds - 85th percentile
Clothes: Wearing a few remaining 12 month shirts, but mostly 12-18 months

Woo-hoo, C!!! Definitely growing and thriving!

Some of his stats:

Health - Healthy boy here! Dang, homemade formula and real food is workin'! :) No teeth yet, but chewing on everything in sight. He LOVES his spoons. Sometimes he has a spoon in one hand while I'm feeding him with another. I really hope those teeth pop through soon! Got his 3rd TDap vaccine today and first blood draw to check his iron level.

Food - C's favorite is bananas and then sweet potatoes. He's had chicken, carrots, broccoli, avocado, pears (I broke down and got a few organic jars of pears since they're not in season). He almost always has some banana in the morning. He's eating 3 meals a day, formula before naps and bed and occasionally sips of water. He's "learning" how to drink from a cup - he's kind of lapping it with his tongue, haha. I've used sippy cups too, but he really seems to want to do what DH & I are doing. The other day he was begging for oranges and I hated to have to tell him he'd have to wait until he was a year. I mean, he was really going after my plate! :) Next up is beef and liver and salmon.

Sleep - Well, we're working on this one. He is finally sleeping through the night, almost 12 hours on the nose (usually he goes down between 7 and 8 and is up at the same time the next morning). His naps really vary - finally his morning nap is getting longer - I'm putting him down earlier - so most days both naps are about 1 1/2 hours (sometimes the afternoon is 2). He is having a hard time falling asleep on his own. A few days this week he wouldn't go down for naps by himself, he only would fall asleep lying next to me on my bed, not in his crib. I'm reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, but am having a hard time with the cry-it-out method. C is sometimes better at night, at least, if I put him down before he's totally out. Last night he woke up around midnight and was crying so DH brought him to bed while I took my shower and C clearly thought it was playtime. He was WIDE awake until 2 am. DH fell asleep, I fed C in his room, tried to put him down in his crib (unsuccessfully) so I brought him back to bed, where he "slept" for about a minute, then was wide awake flapping, clapping and rolling next to me, and he would NOT go back to sleep. I finally put him in his crib at 1:45 and he cried for 15 minutes, then was out. And he was totally cheerful this morning after I figured he'd hate me for abandoning him... sigh.  Advice would be welcome if you've gotten your little one to fall asleep on their own!

Milestones so far
C isn't crawling forward yet - he goes backward by pushing and he scoots around pretty well on his rear, though sometimes he doesn't go in the direction he wants! He can get up on all fours and rock back and forth, but nothing forward, without help. This is one of the things his PT will work on (we began in-home therapy this week). He sits up on his own like a champ and can pull himself up in his crib - has been doing that for about 2 weeks now. He LOVES standing and bouncing. "You should be dancing" is a favorite (he always starts wiggling his butt with "dancing") and also "Monkeys jumping on the bed". It is SO funny to see! :) He's great at clapping - and sometimes responds to "If You're Happy and You Know It". He scrunches his nose up and sniffs really fast - he started doing it on his own a few months ago and now he responds to DH or me doing it and does it back. He really likes the piano - playing it, and closing the lid! He also likes holding onto my hands and walking around the room. A few times he's stood on his own for a few seconds. He's saying Mama, Dada, Baba and Nana.  Mama is always what he says when he's upset (does he know I want to go running to him?!) My favorite though is when I ask him where Baby Jesus is - he knows where the manger is in our living room (we leave it up until February 2nd) and he will give Baby Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph kisses when I ask. It is SO sweet! :) There have been a few attempts at eating Mary's head though... I figure she understands, right?

Happy 9 months, sweet C! Daddy and I love you bunches!!!

Aforementioned love of spoons :)


  1. Oh, he's so so sweet! So glad he is doing so well :).

  2. He's soooo cute! I love that little frog towel! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Caitlin! :) That towel is one of the first things I registered for, haha :)

  3. Have you read "The No Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley? No crying it out there (obviously). As far as sleeping through the night... my 13 month old still wakes up to nurse once per night. It's totally normal, albeit a bit tiring. In fact, it's much more common for small children to wake up than not. All that to say, don't feel like you're doing something wrong, or that he's doing something abnormal because he wakes up. It will pass eventually. However, the wanting to play sounds annoying :)

    1. Hi Arliss, Thanks for the tip - I have that book and should probably re-read. Good to know C isn't the only one who still wakes up and wants food! He definitely has nights when he doesn't need food. I figured he could go for a while, when, after eating around midnight, he would go until 11 the next morning without seeming to want any - unless I gave it to him. I just wanted to change that length of time from 8 pm to 7 am! :)

    2. But that would be of course he won't. It's part of the Baby Manifesto. Get your parents' hopes up by doing something that is almost, but not quite, what they need.

  4. I need to read the book HSHHC, like you are ... I thought I was a pro (haha, don't laugh) when I discovered Luke liked routine of being put down at 8 pm each night. THEN about a month ago, he decided that sometimes at night, he wasn't tired, so after drinking a little of his bottle, he would sit up, try to crawl off my lap or start talking. Those nights, we could rock him and rock him, but had to put him in his crib & let him cry, as it just didn't work any other way. When he's sick or not feeling good, I always allow leniency, but I'm still not sure what good sleep habits for him are. Anyway, not sure if that helped, but I'm struggling too. :-D
    Luke also comes up saying Mama to me when he wants Mama, and always Dada or Baba for all other things. It is SO CUTE! How sweet that C does the same thing for you! <3
    I love all the pictures of your handsome little guy! More pictures, please! :)

  5. Great job mama and dad! C looks great! Love his curls!

  6. He is super cute! And you have a pt coming BC he isn't crawling yet? We had our 9 month this week and our doctor said crawling actually isn't even a milestone they care about. Just pulling up. Needless to say Sam isn't crawling either! Just rolling and sitting up.

    1. The PT is mainly coming because of his torticollis. The program he qualified for looked for developmental delays because torticollis alone isn't a reason. His head doesn't turn as easily to the right, so there is a bit of a balance issue in getting up to all 4s. He also has weak muscle tone - his legs always splay to the side soon after he gets on all 4s, but he is pulling himself up so easily in his crib. He walks back and forth holding on in there and holding on to our couch. I guess they think it all connects! :)

  7. HSHHC worked for Isabella...but not for Isaiah (he has sensory issues).

    Some kids just can't be sleep trained. Don't stress is all I can say.

    He is super cute!!


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