Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WHW: Saving Christmas cards

Welcome Home Wednesdays

I love getting Christmas cards - our fridge was covered with them for December. :) But what to do with them when Christmas is over? In years past, I always felt bad, but I ended up tossing them sometime in February after they just remained in an unorganized pile. I could never figure out what to do with them. An album was out because the cards come in all kinds of different sizes; plus, I wanted to save a few cards that had sweet handwritten notes in them.

Enter Pinterest!

Shocking, right? ;)


What a great idea! I stopped by Staples, picked up some book rings, printed up some covers (I used these, but I added the year using one of my favorite Christmas fonts), grabbed a hole punch and about 10 minutes later, I had this:


Do you save your Christmas cards? Are you inspired to now? :)


  1. Why have I never thought of this? I love it! (And if I actually get around to taking down my Christmas decorations this weekend, I will be doing this too :)).

  2. Wow, great idea! I usually throw them out too, next year I am so gonna do this.

  3. Totally doing this! I hate throwing them away but never know what to d with them.


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