Wednesday, March 2, 2011

9.5 Hours

Yup. 9.5 hours. That's how long I was in surgery. The day before at my pre-op appointment, Dr. S said he thought it would take a little longer than the one prior (5.5 hours). In my head I thought.. 7. OK. 7. I can handle 7. Good thing I didn't know it would be that long! My hubby and parents were in the waiting room and I can only imagine that must have seemed like an eternity.... Fortunately, the nurses kept updating them. For a while, Dr. S thought he would be able to take care of everything using the robot, but about 5 hours into it, he decided he need to make an incision. We had discussed at my pre-op using the scar (vertical) from my colectomy surgeries, but he mentioned the C-section scar would heal better, and hopefully faster. I agreed that the C-section, bikini-cut would be fine. I now have a very nice cross on my abdomen!!
I'm doing much better a week later. I gained 20 pounds in water weight  - but today my ankles are starting to re-appear, haha, and finally my legs no longer feel like sausages! Everything was so tight and swollen. My lower back is still bothering me a lot - for the first 4 days I could only sleep sitting up because the gas was pressing on my lungs and I was finding it hard to breathe. (Note - I was trying NOT to panic remembering my many asthma attacks as a child.) I had the worst trouble trying to sleep for much more than an hour at a time - feeling quite nauseous on the mor.phine, perco.cet and tylenol + cod.eine. (I didn't get them all at once!) I kept getting anti-nausea meds through the IV but they didn't do much of anything. I was so, so tired. The first day after surgery, I felt great and walked around in the evening quite a bit, but the second day, the nausea set in and I really felt like I'd taken a big step back. I ended up staying in the hospital until Saturday, much longer than I had planned. The perco.cet, and then the tylenol made me feel nauseous for 4 hours after taking it and I just kept thinking, I cannot be sick!! It was pretty bad. I wanted to get home though, so I kept fighting through it, and ended up just trying to manage the pain on the motrin. I was discharged shortly after my afternoon dose of the motrin so we could make the 2.5 hour drive home. We stopped at Mc.D's on the way and it took me 5 minutes to get in the ladies room. Ugh. :) Made it out of there, and finally home, where I gritted my teeth, climbed the 2.5 flights of stairs into our townhouse & up to the bedroom, took a much-needed shower (it felt wonderful) and climbed into bed. I still ended up getting up every hour or so to use the restroom, and in between trips, I managed to get 3 hours of sleep at best. Monday morning I ended up taking one of the Vico.din tablets just hoping it would knock me out enough to get more than an hour at once. I slept another 2.5 hours and that helped a lot. Monday night I was finally able to manage sleeping on my side and since then I have slept more comfortably. At least my lower back has stopped screaming at me. :) Last night I was up so much, that I lost quite a few pounds of the water weight too, haha.
I am so relieved to be feeling much better as I have the follow-up surgery to remove the teflon sheet Dr. S put in to keep things from adhering together on Friday morning. He was really pleased with the results of the surgery and mentioned that he got things as close to normal as he could. There were a lot of adhesions around my left ovary and tube, and down the back of the uterus. He also did a uterine suspension. Without my colon in there to help prop it up, it was tilted pretty far back. 
While in the hospital, I looked at my lower body and kept thinking, this is what I would look like after a C-section. A big scar, a swollen belly, sausage legs, swollen ankles... but no baby. Here's hoping the surgery will work!!
Hugs to all of you who are praying for me. Your prayers are so very much appreciated and I am offering up lots in return!!


  1. Wow! That is a loooong surgery! I'm glad it went well and hope your follow up is quick and easy!

  2. my goodness you are a trooper!!

    Praying for your recovery, and that the teflon removal is quick and easy.

    I remember trapped gas pain in my shoulder after my gallbladder removal-- and it was SO painful. So, I can't imagine this recovery.

    A cross scar!! Cool!

    Love to you!

  3. Holy cow! 9.5 hours! I would probably cry from all of the pain and discomfort. You're amazing! :) I'm so happy it went well!


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