Friday, March 18, 2011

Out with the old...

... in with the new!

Woo-hoo for new appliances!! Our old dryer (age unknown) has been acting up for the past several months. Mr. Wonderful tried vacuuming it out to help (there was admittedly a lot of lint in there), which it did... for about a month. It would alternately stay cold, and then part of it top would be too hot to touch. Loads would take 2 hours to dry. Most of the time I ended up line drying a bunch of things. I'm glad it lasted through when my mom and MIL were here helping out! I thought about trying to get it repaired, but again, it is really old. The washer was replaced once while my husband was renting the house before buying, but it was a refurbished model. So... that is pretty old as well. And, eventually, when we move/sell, I would want to put in new appliances. Better that I get to enjoy them for a time, rather than look at pretty new ones as we're moving!

I was a bit hesitant to get a front-loader, but the front-loaders had the best ratings on C. Re.ports for washing performance. The reviews on the website we ordered them from were really good too. They even play a sweet little chime when the cycles are complete! :)

Now... I'm off to catch up on a week's worth of laundry. Mr. W will carry the loads to the basement, as he's working from home today. I love it when he works from home, but I have to be really careful not to disturb him too much, which is very tempting. :-D

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. AHHAHHH I love front-loaders! haha! we have a front-loading washer (Because the one that came with our house leaked all over the floor and didn't wash clothes :-D haha) and it is WONDERFUL. I don't usually speak so highly of appliances. haha.
    CONGRATS on your purchase! haha

  2. I Just realized I wasn't "following" you! How could I have missed that. Taken care of now. ;)

  3. Thanks Lauren & Mary! I loved doing laundry yesterday!! I couldn't believe it when my towels were completely dry in 35 minutes. :) Hooray!!


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