Saturday, March 19, 2011

St Joseph.... help! :)

Happy Feast of St. Joseph! :) Growing up, St. Joseph was the patron saint of my parish. I received each of my sacraments there and I worked there as the music director for the last several years before getting married. He's been a big part of my prayer life for as long as I can remember.
And today, St. Joseph - I need some extra help!
My husband and I were planning today to send in our preliminary application to the adoption agency we had chosen. However, I came across the same agency mentioned by another blogger and found out they were unable to sign their statement of faith (it's a Christian agency, but not Catholic). We had asked to see their statement of faith at an introductory meeting, but they didn’t really jump on handing it to us. When I read the other blogger’s post, I searched for it online, and was heartbroken upon reading through it. There is no way we can sign it. 
Among a few other things, it states: I believe that in all matters of faith and life, the Scr.iptures of the Old and New Testa.ments are the final auth.ority.
We clearly don’t believe that. And, in good conscience, cannot sign a statement saying that we do. We do have a few other agencies that we liked, but not quite as much as this one. It is sad for two reasons- one - we cannot work with the agency, and two - it makes it all the more clear how Christians are truly divided. It may not be an intended exclusion of Catholics, but it is, nonetheless. 
My husband and I wondered (somewhat sarcastically) - who is the interpreter of the Scriptures? Most “non-denominational” churches interpret verses differently. So which one is right??
It makes me grateful to be Catholic... and again, quite sad at the divisions among us. 
So... St. Joseph - please help us find the right agency!! :)
And, if any of you ladies have recommendations for agencies serving northern Vir.ginia, I’d be most grateful!


  1. I'm so sorry, how heartbreaking. But you are following your heart and your faith and that will never lead you in the wrong direction! Have hope!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry. I think I had read something about this recently and it's truly sad that they were not up front about this at the first meeting!

    praying for you!

  3. My sister in law (and husband) adopted from Catholic Charities in NOVA 2 years ago. I can get more info from them if you want. Just email me and let me know. Or, I can put you in touch with them! They are awesome!

  4. You know, I feel silly, but this is really the first time I'd considered that that line would be an impediment. You are absolutely right, the word "final" especially is an issue. Gosh, that makes me sad. But as another commenter said, staying faithful will keep you on the right path.


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