Saturday, March 12, 2011


One of my Lenten goals is to Declutter - 40 bags in 40 days. I'm really excited about this one! I know I need to work more on detachment, so I figure this will be a really great way to do so. I'm going to include 4 bags of things I donated the week before Lent started (clothes, gadgets, etc), because they were really BIG bags. :) Today, my DH dropped off at a recycling center 4 old computers dinosaurs which included 2 laptops, an ancient A.pple in the garage, and the most recent desktop hanging around from when it was replaced in December 2009. I will not reveal how old the oldest one was. Whew! I am so glad to be rid of them! Now we only have our current computers. What a concept. Computers we actually use. :-D
This week while recovering, I tackled a few items on the never-ending To-Do list that were easy to handle, yet ones I never seem to get around to doing. I went through my recipe box - gave a number of duplicate family recipes to my sister who lives close by. Then, I went through the binder I have of recipes that I've collected over the past few years - got rid of the ones that no longer looked appetizing, and a few that I tried but can’t imagine making again. I also went through cooking subscriptions and various spice catalogs and got rid of a bunch. And in the meantime, I came across some old favorites that will be making it on the menu in the next few weeks.
I also got rid of back issues of annual subscriptions to magazines - I scanned a few articles that were really interesting and just saved them on the computer. No need to keep the physical article. It'll be easier to find them on the computer anyway!
Some of the bags are big; some are small. So far, including the bags before Lent, I'm up to 10 bags. 30 more to go! Some of the bigger projects will have to wait until I'm cleared to lift things over 3 pounds, but I still have lots of paperwork and files to go through next week. Is it strange that I am really looking forward to this?!?

Some of the bags are throw-away and some are give-away. I’m not going to attempt a yard sale - if things are in decent condition, I’ll just donate them and take the tax deduction.
I recently read the book I.t's A.ll too M.uch by P.eter W.alsh, which is excellent. (OK, OK, I confess I still have it checked out of the library!) It gave me some great ideas, as well as made me think about the "stuff" I do have. How much of it do I actually use? How much can I live without? It's easy to say "But I might use this someday!" If I haven't used it in 6 months... a year... 2... do I really "need" it? Part of his suggestion is to stay out of the stores! So - for Lent, I'm not going shopping, except for essentials like food and household goods like toilet paper. Still need that. :-D

I’ve always loved to organize things, but really, I'm striving to live a simpler life. It's just so.... freeing. :)


  1. Just make sure you are not overdoing it! Focus on healing. :)

  2. I love this idea of de-cluttering! I think sometimes our stuff takes over our physical space, our mental space, and more. No matter how many bags you do, I'm sure you will feel so much better as a result! Thanks for the link with more ideas. Good luck!

  3. Wow - no shopping for Lent??? I am trying to pare down and organize since we may be moving soon (hope so!) but giving up shopping would be tough!


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