Thursday, March 24, 2011

Post-Op Appointment

I had my follow-up with Dr. S this morning. Hubby accompanied me and drove to and from (thank you!!). Dr. S seemed overall pleased with the surgery and went over the photos he took. It is so weird looking at pictures of your insides with little robotic hands in there! Even I could see the large amounts of adhesions from my surgeries 9 years ago. It looks so much better now, and healthy. He did a short exam and said the back of my uterus is much more free than it used to be, although the top didn't feel quite as free as he had hoped. (I think those were his words?) In any case, it's much better than before. Now he said we can get to the fun part, and of course also get on our knees and fold our hands in prayer. Have I mentioned I love having a Catholic doctor? I LOVE HAVING A CATHOLIC DOCTOR!!!! :)

Anyway, I'll continue with the Femara (although I already missed it this cycle as CD1 was last Tuesday and I take it on day 3), the Prometrium & Estradiol on P+3-12. I'm also taking fish oils, flaxseed oils, vitamins and folic acid.

Oh - and - this will be loads of fun - a saliva test for my adrenals. He talked about putting me on small amounts of cortisol if my levels are low. I confirmed that yes, I was on prednisone for years, and I HATE the stuff, but he said that cortisol levels are much lower. (Prednisone turned me into a crazy person. I will NEVER take that crap again. It did more harm than good, I think.) So... I'm okay with taking cortisol to bring levels up to where they should be. I really love how the box for the saliva test says "a laboratory test made simple." Really?? I'm pretty sure I read about this on another blog or two, and I don't know that "simple" was used to describe it. Anyway, I'm going to get it over with as soon as possible. Spit freaks me out. I was a percussionist in band thank you very much, and no matter what anyone says, brass and reed instruments leave spit behind. I refuse to believe differently. It's gross. :-D

One more thing... hubby leaves for his retreat tonight. He'll be gone until Sunday. Sad face. :( My sister (the one who lives nearby) will be over for dinner tomorrow night & to watch the Pens game with me. (I should post the recipe - we're having fish chowder, an old family favorite for Lent. Should I have a favorite Lenten meal?? Anyway, it's delicious and is my Granny's recipe.) Saturday morning, I have a meeting with some 8th grade girls with a program I'm coordinating. Someday I should write a post about that. It's a leadership training program for girls, 7-12th grades. Saturday afternoon I'll probably tackle more of my 40 Bags Challenge, and then Saturday night I have a meeting for the marital love class Hubby and I have been taking (I'm flying solo). The class has been awesome (this is the last meeting) and we've really enjoyed getting to know the couples in our group. Sunday morning it's church, then he'll be home mid-afternoon. So... I'll be busy during the days... but I do not sleep very well at night when he's gone! I may this time... I have a little cold and I'm planning to take Nyquil tonight to knock me out! :-D Normally when I get a cold I can't take it because it inevitably hits after peak day. Ugh.

I know I said one more thing, but here's another - Shutterfly is having a 50% sale on their photo books, + free S/H until the 30th. I got an email today. I just finished making a photo book for 2010 thanks to the idea from this great blogger: Photo Books. I told Hubby that I should have time to finish more by then!


  1. Great news on the surgery.

    At least you know going in that the spit test is a pain. Sew & Pray Hope Don't Worry convinced me to do it, but the little sneakers downplayed what a total pain it was! (I still love them, though.) I had to try twice before I was able to complete it all. I had a really hard time generating enough saliva and with the 2nd try, found if I cooked or prepared my the next meal or smelled food during the 30 minutes I was "collecting", it helped with my production and made it go quicker. And sorry if this is gross, but I wrapped a post-it note around the tube b/c seeing the saliva freaked me out! I wanted that covered up so I wouldn't have to look at it, but I'm a total wuss.

    GREAT deal at shuttefly!

  2. Maybe it's all this oversharing I've gotten accustomed to from IF blogging, but my first thought when I read "marital love class" was - well, not something for which you'd want to fly solo, at any rate. It's not that, is it???

    Glad to hear your surgery went well! I'm starting femara soon too (tomorrow, barring disaster!) - maybe this will be the good drug? (Well, my reason for taking it is more so I can say "I tried," but I hope it will be the good drug for you!)

  3. I'm so glad your surgery went well. Forgive me for being ignorant, but how much saliva do you have to collect at once? That doesn't sound like a very pleasant activity...

  4. Thanks for your comments, everyone! :)

    Ann - thanks for your suggestions, and that is a great idea about the post-its!

    Misfit - Haha, no, we're not flying solo... we usually go together, but I figured I could at least go and take notes for the Hubby. It's been a great course. Good luck with Femara! I definitely noticed stronger ovulations once starting it.

    Polkadot - thanks for commenting so I could find your blog! Uh... it's pretty gross. 4 test tubes - 1 regular, like when you get blood work done, and 3 smaller ones. Yes, quite unpleasant.


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