Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blogger Meet-up! & Dr. S appt

Yesterday afternoon my DH and I were blessed to meet and enjoy a lovely lunch with Rebecca and The Man! We met at a wonderful coffee shop after our mutual appointments with Dr. S. We talked for 3 1/2 hours straight! It's so nice to meet the people behind the blogs (I am getting addicted!) and it's so refreshing to be able to talk to people who "get it". I certainly wish none of us were going through this, but it's a HUGE blessing that we are in this together. The power of prayer is immense. Rebecca, it was terrific to meet you and The Man and I hope that we can all get together again soon - maybe to cheer for our Black and Gold! :)

My appointment with Dr. S... well, he hasn't given up hope. :) First, he suggested that I add Evening Primrose Oil to my regimen, 2000 mg per day, from CD1 thru P+1. Have any of you used this? Has it helped CM? Also, I'm going to get the food allergy panel done. I'm calling my health insurance after I finish this post to ask about covering it through our FSA. I'm also adding Cylotec, 200 mg per day CD12-16. He is hoping that will trigger ovulation. Have any of you taken this? Has it helped? I forgot to ask him what the side effects might be... The other thing is that I'm doing the Follicular Ultrasound series again. It will be a little more limited - I'm going for a scan on Friday, CD4 (since Saturday is out), then not until CD14 on the 27th. I almost always identify peak as CD15 or 16. So please pray that the follicle ruptures!!! I know I'm blessed to be able to clear my schedule to go up every morning, but it is exhausting. Dr. S said he would continue to monitor me until the end of March. He also suggested switching to Dr. D. (Dr. C is works more on the surgical aspect, which I don't need anymore.) He did confirm that a new doctor is coming to Rich.mond next fall... but I don't want to wait until then. He asked how I was doing... handling all this. I was honest, but I did mention now that we're officially waiting to adopt. It eases the pressure a bit. I know we'll be parents one way or another. I told him I would keep working on trying the medical route, but if we are chosen, I anticipate taking a break, at least at first! :)

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Jealous...I want to meet you both!! I agree, blogger meet ups are the BEST. Sounds like the appointment went pretty well!

  2. I haven't taken any of those things, but I'd love to hear how they work for you. Keep us posted!

  3. Love blogger meet-ups!

    Dr S sounds like such a great doctor!

  4. I am in awe of your continued strength. Your ability to soldier on gives me the ability to do the same. I'm sad I missed out on Wed, but I'm glad you got to meet Rebecca, she's great. I've never met Dr. S, and I know he and Dr. D are probably different, but I think you'll like her. She really cares. Once I opened up about this all weighing on me, she just sat, listened and talked. That's a rare thing to find and they seem to share that in common. Hoping this U/S series goes well.

  5. Love blogger meetups! And come onnnnn follies! :)

  6. I'm so glad that you met Rebecca. I'm sure she's even better than she is "on her blog." :-) Hooray for great blogger friendships!!!
    I haven't taken any of the medicines you've described. I hope they help, though! I have done a CD3/4 and a P+4 Ultrasound to check ovulation. I hope its great news and your ovaries are working as they should.


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