Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Heard in the Isaiah household last night...

Me: What time are you going to Mass tomorrow morning?
DH: 6:45.
Me: What time would you like breakfast then?
DH: What time would I like breakfast? (Slightly puzzled)
Me: Yes, what time would you like breakfast?
DH: What time would I like breakfast? .... Oh crap...
Me: (Laughing) You forgot to get me a card, didn't you?
DH: Yes. (Hangs head in shame) Here honey! You dropped this sock! Here's the sock for your drawer! Oh, here I'll put these other socks away. These are my socks. They go here! See, I'm being very helpful.

Ahh... my DH is the best! :-D

This is a man who constantly, daily, showers me with the most amazing love... he gets up early and works hard every day to provide for us. He's sweet and funny and is the best listener (oh man, does he ever put up with a lot from me!). He is thoughtful and he gives the best back and shoulder rubs (I ask for them often). I am SO lucky to be his wife!

I reminded him last night that he's made me some really cute cards lately. (My sister suggested that I leave construction paper, scissors and cute stickers out on the desk for him tonight, haha!)

This is the one I made him:

Hope you all had a wonderful day! :)


  1. Great card! I may have to steal your idea for my Valentine's Day craft next year!

  2. I LOVE the card you made! SO creative!
    Your DH sounds like my DH. :-)


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