Sunday, January 29, 2012

8th trip...

Gosh darn follicle must be trying to set some kind of record! It's a little over 3 cm now... I sure hope tomorrow is my last trip up to Camp Hill. I'm beginning to feel right at home. I'm driving those streets more often than my own around the corner, haha! :)

One interesting thing happened this morning... we went to Mass at the chapel at the hospital this morning - it was easier than trying to rush back home. It turns out the priest was the same from when I had my surgery last year. He was willing to consecrate a second chalice so I could receive Holy Communion. Yay! And the homily was good. Plus, the priest had one of the Sisters read a letter from the Bishop of Harrisburg about the recent health care ruling. I could hear people talking about it after after Mass, when DH and I stepped outside and were waiting to put our hymn book back. There were a few folks gathered outside chatting - one of the Sisters, and 2 doctors. How AWESOME is it to see nurses & physicians in their scrubs at Mass? :) One of the doctors (he had a coat on so it took me a minute to see he had scrubs on underneath) introduced himself to us & said he hadn't seen us there before. He was super friendly and nice. He asked what brought us to the hospital, and we explained that I was there for some testing... and did he know Dr. S? Turns out he's Dr. C, in practice with Dr. S and is one of the doctors Dr. S recommended in his letter once he (Dr S) retires!! We talked with him for a bit... he mentioned coming down to DC last week for the March for Life (again, AWESOME!), and was telling us about his time in the military (he was Army, DH was Navy). He told us he resigned from one particular assignment due to matters of conscience and finished up medical training elsewhere. And here we are all facing the same crap again. It's maddening. With all the medical care I've received over the years, the BEST care I've ever received has been at this Catholic hospital. Everyone is so helpful and kind and friendly.

I wonder why??

Thanks for trying to take this away, Mr. Presi.dent. You won't succeed.


  1. That's great that you have such a wonderful hospital and physicians near you. I hope that follicle ruptures soon!

  2. Stay away from our good Catholic hospitals, Obama!!

  3. I am glad you have an awesome hospital to go to!!

  4. I love Holy Spirit. Absolutely love!

    Prayers for a follie rupture soon!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful hospital!

    Burst follie, burst!

  6. Well, there WAS a reason for you to get your 8th U/S! :-) So glad you met Dr. C! Hoping your follie ruptures soon!


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