Saturday, January 28, 2012

U/S update

Short update...

So... 2 follicles on the right. One is 3.0 cm and the other is 1.8 cm. Way to go follies! Haha. :)

Seventh trip up to PA tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM... so I am REALLY hoping one ruptures before then so I don't have to go for an 8th trip on Monday! Please pray that it does!

And uh, DH and I are doing our part. ;)


  1. Great news!!! Burst follie, burst!!!

  2. Go follies Go!!!! Whenever I have to explain our infertile situation and someone looks at me with sympathy, I always lighten the mood by saying, "At least, we are having fun trying!" Sounds like you are too ;)

  3. Glad you're having a "good time!"
    I hope you didn't have to make it back for an 8th U/S today!


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