Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dr. S :(

First, Happy New Year, Friends!! :) I hope 2012 is a great one for all of us still waiting...

Today I got a letter from Dr. S saying that he is retiring in March. I had a strange feeling before opening it. This morning I picked up our mail from the post office from the last 10 days and had 2 envelopes with receipts from his office. I could tell the one today from the mailbox was a letter and I thought either he was moving (I know he hasn't always been in PA) or retiring...

It's sad to have it confirmed. I've been thinking and wondering these past few weeks about our next steps. Since DH & I are officially waiting now, I wonder if it would be a good time to take a break from all the meds and blood work. Not that we would stop TTC, but in effect putting it completely in God's hands. I've been feeling for a while that He might want total abandonment from me- it's freeing to think about, and incredibly scary at the same time. Will it leave me wondering if He did want us to continue pursing it medically? I don't know. I imagine I will stay with one of the other physicians in his practice, just to keep things simple. I don't think Omaha is in the cards right now. And I don't know what else they would do - I've already had my final surgery.

I have one more appointment scheduled with Dr. S, and this next cycle am planning to have the ultrasound series done later this month. I've also considered asking him to check to see if my tubes are open with the dye test (right now I'm blanking on it's official name) one final time. I'm curious... did things heal nicely after my surgery last year, or did more adhesions form and this is all a waste of time and money? I'm glad I'll get to finish all that with him.

At the very least, Dr. S was a great doctor - I got misty-eyed before each surgery as he prayed with me asking for Our Lady's intercession. And I must admit that it's great to have a letter signed "God Bless You!" and with him assuring me of his prayers and asking for prayers in return.

God Bless you, too, Dr. S!


  1. I'm sad for all of us patients. :(

  2. I'm so sorry. I love your attitude though... prayers!

  3. We go to the same practice! I had no idea Dr. S was retiring, but I can tell you that the other Napro surgeon, Dr. Daggs is wonderful. I've seen her from the beginning of my treatment and have been very happy. I'd definitely recommend her!

    Side note, the dye test is called a hysterosalpingogram, HSG for short. I had a hard time remembering that one for myself. Hope the transition goes well for you!

  4. I'm sorry! I hope the other doctor in his practice is just as good. I don't know what to say about whether you should stop everything. I have heard it said before that if you had cancer, you wouldn't just not take medicines and hope that it goes away. In turn, infertility is a medical condition, and if there are treatments that we can do that are within the guidelines of the church, we should use them, as God has provided those treatments and typically asks for efforts before performing miracles (i.e., asking the disciples for whatever fish they had before he multiplied them). Just a thought.

    On the other hand, I do feel it would be so freeing to stop looking for mucus on toilet paper all the time and tracking what day of the cycle it is and juggling medications.

  5. I'm so sorry that Dr. S is retiring. Part of me wishes that we were able to afford to see him since I've heard so many good things about him.

    We are so blessed to have such amazing Catholic doctors! I'm sure that you will find someone that you can work with soon!

  6. That would be an HSG. Sorry to hear you're embarking on that leg of the journey. Of course I don't know what God is planning for you, but if your question is, "Does God just want us all not to pursue medical means and ttc with zero intervention and He'll bless us with a baby?" I know the answer to that one. It's no. After I got my first FSH test results back and my regular OB/GYN said I wasn't even a good candidate for clomid, I refused to do any treatment, on the very express basis that God can heal anything and I thought all the treatment was unnatural and He would accomplish things in His own time. IMHO I was extremely patient - I waited well over two years before even scheduling another OB/GYN appointment. I didn't get even a little bit pregnant, but I did stop going to daily Mass and praying the Rosary :). So, well, you have my perspective on that. Good luck to you.

  7. I heard he was a great MD...but like some of the other ladies said, There are other great napro MDs out there...Dr. K. Bei.ter in NJ is great!

  8. Oh man. That's so sad. I don't know what I'd do if my ob retired. Ugh. I almost went to Dr. S. too!

  9. It sounds like you have had a really good experience with Dr S - I am so glad he has blessed your life to this point, and I hope you will find someone you are as comfortable with moving forward!

    As to what to do going forward, that is a really hard decision. I know I prayed and waited for a period of months before I had peace about what to do (in our case, pursuing tx). My prayer at that time was for God to open the path before me if I was to go forward with tx, or to change the desire in my heart if I was not meant to long for a bio child ... perhaps to adoption, perhaps to living childfree. For me it actually brought me closer to God, but it was still a very difficult time. I heralded many a CD1 or CD2 with cheezits and red wine!!!!

    Oh, and when we did pursue tx, my RE recommended as part of the plan that I drink one glass of red wine, French or Italian (due to their winemaking, these two types had the highest concentration of something - resveratrol? antioxidants?) but not have any in the 4th week of my cycle. I sure enjoyed that part of my tx :)


  10. I was so grateful to him for being honest with us during my first appointment with him in December about his coming retirement (though it killed me to not blog about it, but I knew I wouldn't want to get that information from someone else's blog and not from him). I came home from a week of traveling yesterday to the "official" letter and as you said above, there is something amazing about a doctor who signs his letter offering and asking for prayers.

    His pending retirement is the reason we are moving forward with surgery so quickly, but both he (in person) and my FCP spoke very highly of Dr. Daggs that Ania mentioned above so I am comfortable continuing with her after his retirement.

    You will be in my prayers as you discern your next step.

  11. Ugh! I'm so sorry! It feels like "catch up" I'm sure, for a new doc. I'd hate to think of my doc retiring. I hope you can find a new, great doc from the ladies' suggestions.


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