Tuesday, January 24, 2012


5 on the left, 3 on the right so far! :) Go follicles, GO!!!

On Sunday there were 6- 4 on the left, 2 on the right. What is normal??

The tech on Sunday said "well, we don't want all of them to rupture because you'll end up with a lot of kids". My response was "Uh...we've been waiting a while. I'd be happy if several ruptured!"

Next appointment is Thursday, CD14. I'm hoping after that appointment to meet up with this pretty lady. My first blogger meet-up!

Also, my appointment with Dr. S in February was changed - he won't be there when I originally scheduled. Unfortunately, without thinking, I rescheduled it to when DH is traveling. So... tomorrow I'm going to call and hope I can get an appointment the following week.

40 Bags Update:
I cleaned out the closet in the office to help get it ready to become a nursery. I shredded a bag of paper of old college notes and had another bag of trash. Woo-hoo! I ransacked the closet in the guest room where off-season clothing is stored and this morning donated 4 bags from there. Ahh... bliss!!!

In the office I was using an old dresser from DH to store miscellaneous paper and office supplies. It's literally fall.ing a.part. So, as I am really fond of my fingers, and didn't relish them being squashed by the drawers, I emptied that and replaced it with a smaller drawer unit from the Con.tainer Store. I LOVE it!!! AND I put it in the guest room storage closet.. AND more importantly, there is still room for guests to hang a few items when they visit. Yay!

So... I'm up to 6 bags. 34 more to go!! :)


  1. Well, we've met. But I don't think you had started your blog yet :).

    1. That's true! We have met Misfit! :) But yes, I think it was K's Christmas party... and before I started blogging. It's been a while!!

  2. Go follies! That's so awesome!!!

    Organizing is so much fun. I'm so glad that you're being so productive!

  3. Wow! Way to go follicles. I have no idea what is normal, but I would think at least one is good. I wish there was a home ultrasound machine. I hate not knowing what's going on in my body.

    Way to go with the throwing things out! Sounds like some good progress!

  4. Hooray for follicles! That is great news.

  5. Yay for great follies! And I'm somewhat jealous that my follow-up is not tomorrow....fingers crossed for the 15th!!

  6. HOORAY Follies! That's awesome! :-)
    You are a power bagger! That's amazing and so freeing to clean, organize and buy a NEW drawer unit to enjoy! You're making AWESOME progress!!!

  7. WHOOO HOOOO!!! Go follies!!!!

  8. 8? That is AWESOME! You seriously have some folly jolly going on in there! I don't think I ever had anything close to that, I was happy if there was 1 good one! Have fun at your blogger meet-up! I LOVE meeting up with others in the blogging world. It is crazy to me how you can meet someone for the 1st time in person, but the conversation flows easily and it seems like you have been friends for a long time. What a beautiful and great blogging community this is! Have fun!

  9. Soooo... what happened at your last u/s with the follies????????!!!!!! Praying!!


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