Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Takes

1) CD1. Ugh. I am doing the Follicular Ultrasound series starting on Tuesday, and I'm kind of interested to see what's going on. I also asked about getting another HSG done, and am waiting to hear what Dr. S says.

2) I am so, so, so excited to do another 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge. I know it's not Lent yet, but I was itching to start, so I already went through one closet. I figured if "the call" comes, I won't have time to work on it, so I better start now! I don't know why I hang on to older clothes - especially ones that I don't really like all that much. I took out It's All Too Much  from the library again to get me in a good mindset. If I don't love it, why is it in my home??

3) One thing I discovered about myself is that I. love. Paper. Pretty little notepads, notebooks, stickers, etc, etc. But do I use them? Nah... I use the back of an envelope or whatever else I find lying around. I hereby resolve to start using them!! I can't remember what blog I read this on recently, but one woman told her daughter she needed to buy a new candle. Her daughter asked why she didn't use the one already sitting on the bookshelf. The woman replied that she was saving it. The daughter told her to save herself the trouble and not buy it the next time! Come to think of it, I think I have a purse I need to start using, too! :)

4) Despite being a lover-of-all-things-paper, I restrained myself tremendously when I went into Paper S.ource today. I've been wanting to check out the store for a while, and finally went in this morning when I was nearby getting some yummy olive oils from this place. (Side note: I got Lemon and Italian herb and can't wait to try them! I got a coupon earlier this week from Living Social so I got a good deal too!). Anyway... Paper S.ource. I made a few handmade cards this year, with the help of Mar.tha Ste.wart punches, and while there I discretely took some photos of sample cards to give myself ideas. I also checked out possible invites for my sister V's bridal shower and bachelorette party invites. My sister R, has been calling every few days to run ideas by me. I told her I'd start looking around for invite ideas and favors. Did any of you do favors for your bridal shower? I can't remember that I did, although I think there were prizes for games. Do you have any great suggestions? :)

5) I am so glad it's Friday. DH has been working some crazy hours this week - he's had training for several days which means the work he's not getting done during regular business hours, he's doing in the evening. This week has felt like we're ships passing in the night, and I miss him! :) We have NOTHING planned this weekend, which I am really looking forward to. Sometimes it's great to just hang out at home and relax.

6) Our Christmas tree is still up and still looking good! I can't believe it. We bought it the first weekend of December! I expected it to look like a Weeping Willow after we returned from our trip, based on prior experience, but it looked as perky as ever! I hate to take it down. It's definitely been the best tree we ever bought! I think it's a Balsam fir. I know it's not a Douglas or Frasier - so is that the only other fir? I kind of want to start putting decorations away, but iI love seeing it lit at night. Anyone else feel slightly depressed putting things away?

7) Now that the Stee.lers are out of the play-offs, who are you cheering for, my fellow Pittsburgh fans? I couldn't believe that last game, but for some reason, I didn't have a good feeling going into it. At least Sid.ney should be back on the ice soon for the Pens! Yay!

Happy Friday, everyone!!


  1. Oooh, I love, love, love getting rid of things! If it were up to me, we would have nothing in this house that we haven't used in the last month. I just love clean counters and drawers, and organized cabinets. Sometimes I wish I could throw out my whole wardrobe and start all over with like 15 total pieces that are all well made and coordinateable, if that's a word. I feel anxious if there is lots of stuff. Maybe I would have made a good nun, lol.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Boo cycle day 1. But yay for the follicle study! I soooo need to do that 40 bags challenge this year! I think you just motivated me!!!! :) Big hugs and prayers for you!

  3. CD1 - go away...far far away!

    Hmmm, I'm definitely rooting for the Broncos this weekend (please beat Tom Brady!!) And really probably til the Super Bowl or they lose...but I'd be OK with a Packers repeat or a 49ers win.

    I'm really just counting down the days until College football starts again.

  4. I echo what Rebecca said about CD1.

    Moving is a good excuse to get rid of a bunch of stuff. We definitely decluttered and now I'm looking forward to organizing everything.

    For the bridal shower...we played a few games at mine but the biggest hit was the "Ania and Chris Quiz" I put together. I just had a list of 10+ questions about us and whoever got the most right won a bath kit from Bath and Body Works.

  5. Your blogging has blessed me today .... that book is calling my name. I struggle with getting rid of things (although this time around, I think God has been helping me enormously). I will see if I can get the book on my kobo reader, thus avoiding acquiring more stuff!

    At my bridal shower we gave out little candles. My friend had little wind chimes as favours for her shower.

    Let's hope this CD1 brings good things for you in the month to come. I heard a quote once, that menstruation is 'like tears of blood from a disappointed uterus.' I think of that on CD1, even on the cycles where I knew there was no chance anyway.

    Can't speak for football, but as a Canadian I am excited about Sid the Kid :)


  6. I love paper products! I have to go to Staples today and I know that I will have to resist buying a little notebook for myself.

    I can't stand CD1, but doing your follicular ultrasound series is exciting!

    It was a sad day around our house (Mr. JB is a die-hard Steelers fan). He couldn't sleep through the night 'cos he was so upset. I'm not sure who he's cheering for now, but I'm guessing it's the Packers since that's his dad's team.

  7. I also am the person that "saves" things. I consistently "save" massages and use them as they're about to expire a year later. I used to save candles, pretty paper, etc. I'm trying not to anymore. Your story about the candle is spot on. :-)
    I know the u/s series isn't super fun, but I hope you get a bunch of info from it. That makes the end that much more to look forward to.
    And ... you've inspired me to go clean out my drawers today. I have a lot of clothing that doesn't fit ... and although I need to get skinnier to fit in it, I'll probably just "reward" myself and buy new clothes anyway. :-)
    Great post!!!

  8. We should get together next week. Email me if you'd like. I know a nice little coffee/sandwich cafe near the hospital and it's a great place to sit and chat.

  9. We just missed each other this week! I'm so bummed :(. I've got my follow-up on Feb. 15...I think Ania and I are planning an afternoon tea meet up - any chance you can join us?!? Will you email me - RebeccaWVU02 at gmail dot com please?


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