Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catching up... Days 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

Oops! I am so behind on my days of thanks! Visiting family, while fun, usually leaves me exhausted with the distance (I know some of you have to fly to visit family, so I can't complain about being within driving distance), but it still always wears on me. That combined with staying up late to spend time with everyone and little sleep... well, I'm still catching up! :) C is a great traveler, but he doesn't sleep very well when he's not in his own bed. We did a lot more co-sleeping on this trip - he couldn't seem to stay asleep in the pack-n-play, plus he was going to bed a bit later than normal most nights.

Nevertheless it was a great week away!

And to catch up!

Day 22 - A MIL who takes the time to buy GF options for me. I rarely eat bread at home, but I enjoyed GF english muffins while we were visiting DH's family and of course what is Thanksgiving without stuffing? :) Thanksgiving was a wonderful day... and we even attempted a family Christmas photo! After about 100 shots - first with all of us, then just with C, I ended up deciding to use one of just C. He smiles the most for me - at least me behind a camera that is. He's used to me pointing it at him, I guess! He didn't seem to know what to do when others tried taking pictures of him!

 Happy Turkey Day! :)

Day 23 - Leftovers. I had pumpkin pie at breakfast. Yum.

Day 24 - A shower for my awesome BIL and his wife. As I mentioned last week, they've had 3 miscarriages. We are so grateful that this baby is healthy - and extremely active. He or she kicked at me.. and at C once too! LOL. :)

Day 25 - A safe trip home... DH took a nice afternoon nap and we left after dinner. Made it home in 4 hours!! That never happens on Thanksgiving weekend!

Day 26 - Laundry done. I lost count on how many loads, but it's all done! :)

Day 27 - Decorating for Christmas! I'll post some photos soon. I got out the decorations and put 2 candles in the windows. That's as far as I got today, haha. :)

Day 28 - Advent Prayer Buddies!! Can't wait!

This wasn't the one we chose, but I love his eyes in this one.
And 3 fingers in the mouth? All. the. time. :)

Whew! Caught up!


  1. I love seeing C grow! So stinkin cute!

  2. C. is so cute! I think pumpkin pie for breakfast sounds awesome, and why not?


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