Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 29

Today I'm super thankful that my littlest sis, R, is a DPT. C has been seeing a PT in our area (little sis lives back home otherwise I'd pick her in a heartbeat!) for a few months for torticollis. His PT here suggested I take him to an OT/Cranial technology clinic nearby to check his head shape. So, today's diagnosis is plagiocephaly.

Curious... does anyone have any experience with this? Apparently the incidence of it has risen from 1 in 300 infants to 1 in 10 infants. (Back is best for sleeping... but apparently not for a baby's head shape!!) C is slightly outside the most opportune time for treatment, but still within a good limit.

It looks like he will be getting and wearing a DOC band.

I am SO thankful for my sister who told me a while ago that babies themselves aren't bothered by the bands (there are a few kinds). It's the parents who are. And that was my immediate first reaction - "what?!?" I really do not like the idea of strangers coming up and saying "what is wrong with his head?"

After thinking about it...

Other than this, C is so healthy. He's happy. He's growing and thriving. So what if he has to wear a band for a few months.

Then... I started looking at options.

How can I decorate it? The DOC Band website has instructions for painting, etc!

I laughed when I saw a picture of one decorated like a watermelon with the words "just fixing my melon" on it!

Spider Man? A cool Penguins or Steelers design?

The words "you should see the other guy"?

Fortunately, this treatment really works. My sis has seen great results with one of her clients.

And, of the few locations of Cranial Technologies, one is super close to me. And interestingly enough... it is right next door to the lab where I went so often to get blood drawn for IF. I never thought I'd be there with a baby!

God has a sense of humor.


  1. How did you know to check the shape of his head? I'd have no idea to do that or what it should look like....

  2. C always seemed to tilt his head to one side only. My sister is a PT and works with infants-3yo's so she diagnosed torticollis before he was 2 months old. She wasn't sure about his head shape - but that's mostly because he has so much hair, it's hard to tell. The PT I see near me suggested I take him to an OT/Cranial tech place to double check the shape of his head and I'm glad I did. I would have never known to look for something like that - so I'm so grateful for my sis!

  3. Those doc band decorations are awesome! I saw so many on a google image search. He is going to look so cute, no matter what...and a steelers design would be oh so appropriate. I liked "just fixin my flat" too. Seems like. A pretty common thing, with all the designs out there...

  4. I'm glad C is able to get his head shape corrected! And for your sister's quick diagnosis! I'm with PPIW, I would have never known. God sure was looking out for you all.


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