Saturday, March 2, 2013


I don't know about you, but Etsy is becoming one of my favorite places to find cute things! It's nice to support people who have turned a hobby into a business. :)

(1) One of the first things I purchased was this little Made with Love Heart Stamp. I like to give people handmade cards and this was a nice addition to the back of the cards:

This shop also sells paper tape (also called washi tape), of which I'm a big fan. I use that quite frequently as well for handmade cards, but I haven't purchased any on Etsy yet. I have a few marked as favorites though!

(2) I purchased a few things for C as well - first, remember this awesome tux?

Loved this purchase - he was a stylin' dude at the weddings we attended last summer. :)

(3) Then, for more casual days, he sported this onesie:

I asked the shop owner to make it using yellow ink on a black onesie. This was one of DH's favorites!

That's another thing I love about Etsy- the customizable orders. :)

(4) Another thing is that sometimes if an item is sold, you can request a new one to be made. Like this ironing board cover... a Christmas gift! :)


(5) C's Christmas gift from DH & me - I looked forever in local stores for wooden blocks. I wanted some that would really last, that could be passed down even. Finally, I looked at Etsy and found the perfect set! They are engraved with capital and lowercase letters, as well as images that begin with the corresponding letter.


(6) Another favorite is my iPhone case - I had it customized in Navy for the background with dark pink for the monogram section. I was able to personalize the font as well.


(7) And every girl likes to have a bit of bling, right? This necklace was also a Christmas gift from the Secret Santa in my family. I've worn it quite a bit already, and it goes with so many outfits, from casual to dressy.

(8) You'll have to wait for this one!! I'm going to post tomorrow... it will be "What I Wore Sunday".... Curious?? ;-)

Have you purchased anything great on Etsy??


  1. Such neat, unique purchases! Love them all!!

  2. I get Lillie's hair bows from etsy! I like that I'm supporting SAHM's. I'm thinking of looking for Lillie's christening gown on there

  3. You know, I don't shop Etsy very often but this post is making me realize that I need to more! I love that necklace in oh so many ways. And that apron? I have almost an identical one and have made a couple for others. LOVE how feminine it looks!

    1. If you've made a few, you too could have an Etsy shop! ;)


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