Friday, March 1, 2013

Homemade Yogurt

A few weeks ago I found myself with an extra gallon of raw milk. Since C has started solids, he's cut back on the amount of formula he drinks each day. I've made whey using the milk, but haven't always had success with it - sometimes it took the milk almost a week to separate. (Apparently as long as it still smells ok, it's fine.) One morning, kind of spontaneously, I decided to try my hand at making yogurt!

I followed the recipe that I've attached below, from our farmer's website.

I used a large stainless steel pot (8 quarts) to heat the milk on the stove. After the milk was on the stove, I got out my kitchen thermometer only to discover that the lowest reading was 130 degrees. Oops. Well, the milk was on the stove, C was napping, so that eliminated the option of a quick trip to the store. My only other option was a human thermometer (I called a neighbor but she didn't have one either). I left the milk on the stove and checked it every few minutes with the human thermometer and when I saw it rise from 107 degrees to "H", I figured it was ready!

**Side note: What does the "H" stand for? "You're hotter than he - -...?"or "Hospital NOW?" :)

In any case, I figured it was warm enough, so I followed the directions to remove 1 cup of the warmed milk, stir in 3 tablespoons of store bought yogurt (I used plain greek yogurt),  then added it back to the pot, and put it in the oven the rest of the day. It was in there pretty close to 9 hours. Since it was a cold day, I briefly turned the oven on to the lowest setting - maybe about 5 minutes, and before it even heated up the whole way, I turned it off. I also left the light on.

When I took it out... there it was in all it's glory! Homemade yogurt!

It would have been fine to eat that way - on the runny side, but since DH & I like Greek yogurt, I again followed the directions to make it nice and creamy. It did this part in 2 batches since my colander wasn't big enough. It worked just fine.

Once I had drained the whey, I stirred the yogurt using a whisk, and added a little bit of vanilla for flavor.

The first time I had it, I served it over some sliced banana, a clementine and sprinkled it with a bit of cinnamon. It was heaven!!!

It made quite a bit of yogurt and it was SO easy!! I definitely encourage you to try it!!

I'll be making more this weekend now that we have another gallon of milk to use! :) When I do, I'll try to remember to take photos!


Here's my recipe for making yogurt with one gallon of milk.
You can adjust it if you're working with less milk.
Heat gallon of milk on stove top to 110 degrees. Take pot off heat. Stir 3 tablespoons of store-bought yogurt into a cup of the warmed milk till well mixed. (really well mixed) Add to big pot of warmed milk. Stir well. Put pot in warm place (95 degrees) for about 8-9 hours. (If your pot is small enough, you can put it in the stove with no heat - just the oven light on for heat. Or some people put a heating pad beneath the pot and set on low.) After the 8 to 9 hours, put yogurt in fridge till it gets nice and cold. This next step is what makes our yogurt extra thick and creamy (similar to the brand "Fage`" in the healthy stores). Since we don't like runny yogurt, I strain it through a cheesecloth-lined colander for several hours or even a day (in the fridge) till it gets thicker like we like it. Then I whisk it in my kitchen aid and it gets creamy and smooth. If you'll be adding honey, sugar, or fruit, you can add it while whisking.



  1. I have a recipe to do it in the crock pot.. too.

  2. When I start using raw milk I will try this! Lucky, can you share the crock pot recipe?


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