Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"In the small things"

Words from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's Lenten message this year...
In this time of Lent, in the Year of Faith, we renew our commitment on the way of conversion, to overcome the tendency to close in on ourselves and to make room for God instead, looking at our daily reality through His eyes. We might say that the choice between closing in on our egoism and opening to the love of God and others, corresponds to the alternatives in Jesus' tempations: the choice, that is, between human power and love of the Cross, between a redemption viewed solely as material well-being and redemption as the work of God, to whom we give the first place in life. Conversion means not closing in on oneself in the pursuit of one's own success, one's own prestige, one's own position, but making sure that every day, in the small things, truth, faith in God and love become the most important thing.
I looked at the Vatican website this morning and found this little photo album had been posted. I LOVE the photos of him with the children! It was such a good reminder, as is the quote above, that the moments we spend with our children are priceless. God sees all the small things that we do, even when most of the time they go unnoticed.

God Bless and be with the Cardinals as they begin to gather to elect our new Holy Father!!

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  1. That is a wonderful group of photos! I feel very much as I did when Pope John Paul II died: how will we ever replace him?


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